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The Powerful Basics: ATTRACT Customers and Make a Sale

The marketing process involves 4 phases – ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE, and DELIGHT. And the ATTRACT phase is the most critical part. It is the stage where you introduce yourself to the market and build the trust of your potential customers, before they are encouraged to buy your product/service. If you fail in this phase, it will be hard for you to move forward on the other phases and convert sale as well as create repeat sales.

It is also in the ATTRACT phase that you understand what your target market really needs. Once you understand their needs and interest, it will be easy for you to create a strategy that would make them buy your products or services.

And one of the most effective strategies that would attract customers and encourage them to buy your product or services is giving something of value.  

Here are some strategies on how you can give value to your customers so they will be encouraged to try and buy your product or services.

1. ‘How to’ Guides or Ebooks

You’ve seen most businesses giving away free ebooks or ‘how to’ guides. These are content materials that discuss specific topics that may be related to what a customer is looking for.

For example, if you are in the health and wellness industry, you may offer an ebook that talks about all the healthy foods and exercises that your prospective clients can do or try. If you are an online marketing business, you may offer social media templates, content marketing tips and tricks, among others.

The key to offering ‘how to’ guides or e-books is to be specific about your topic. If it is too general, your customers might lose interest and won’t download your material. So pick a specific topic that is related to your brand, and create a comprehensive content about that topic that is valuable to your customers.

2. Trial subscriptions and memberships

One of the most effective ways of creating sales is letting your customers use your products or services for free within a specific period of time. Everyone loves a free trial. So if they experienced your product and services for free and loved it, there is a great probability of them moving from free trial to paid subscriptions. Just make sure that you give ample time on your free trial for your customers to fully experience your products or services. Usually, businesses are giving away a month of trial to their prospects.

3. Consultation and business advice

Free consultations are very popular among professionals or firms. It is an effective way to gain a client. A 30-minute or an hour of free consultation is enough to gain the trust of your prospective clients. It is also enough to prove to them that you are an expert in the industry and that you are the right person they need.

4. Webinars or video tutorials

If you are an industry expert, it is a wise move to give free webinars or video tutorials about your expertise. Webinars or video tutorials are also good in educating your prospects and create an active discussion with them. It is also an effective marketing strategy to gain their trust and prove to them that you are an expert in the industry. Webinars and video tutorials are also easy to create. Just take a video of your workshop or discussion and email it to your prospect. Ensure you have a marketing automation in place to implement this strategy easily.

5. Discounts and giveaways

Everybody loves discounts. And offering first purchase discounts is a good way to attract customers and create a sale. Aside from discounts, you can also try giveaways. If it is their first purchase, reward them something that would encourage them to remember you when making their second purchase.

Giving something of value for free is a great way of attracting customers, new or returning. If you give something to them, they are most likely to return the favor by including you in their purchasing decision. So once you have something to offer to your customer, create a sales funnel that will help you hit your target sales.

If you don’t know how to get started, you can book a free 30-MINUTE MARKETING CONSULTATION TO SPEAK WITH OUR CAMPAIGN FUNNEL EXPERTS.



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