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Product Purchased! What’s next?

Ways To Create A Long Lasting Relationship With Your New Customer |

On our previous blogs, we talked about how to ATTRACT clients, which is an important part of your marketing funnel. And following the attract phase, we also discussed the CONVERT phase that aims to convert your lead into a paying customer. But that’s not the end of it. You still need to nurture your converted lead to create a long lasting relationship. Read more to know how to do that in this blog.

You’ve successfully converted your lead and now you have a new customer. Congratulations!

So what’s next?

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The Powerful Basics: CONVERT leads into sales

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Attracting customers is just the first step in your marketing funnel. What you need to do next is to convert them into paying customers.

After the attract phase, don’t assume that your lead will buy your product or service once they are aware of your offerings. While this is possible to happen, it is not always the case. You still need to chase and win your customers. And this happens during the CONVERT phase.

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The Powerful Basics: ATTRACT Customers and Make a Sale

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The marketing process involves 4 phases – ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE, and DELIGHT. And the ATTRACT phase is the most critical part. It is the stage where you introduce yourself to the market and build the trust of your potential customers, before they are encouraged to buy your product/service. If you fail in this phase, it will be hard for you to move forward on the other phases and convert sale as well as create repeat sales.

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You deserve a break

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The “web’ makes it easy for us to plan our trips. With one simple click, you can set up everything easy peasy, although it also has its own risks. Unfortunately we experienced situations like cancellation and rescheduling of ferry trips, which, like a domino effect, meant we had to change a lot of our plans on the spot (good thing The Marketing Arrows is great at problem solving eh? *wink *wink). But whatever challenges we faced, we didn’t let them stop us from enjoying the beauty of Bohol, and Cebu, Especially Panglao Island.

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Whoosh! – Screen cleaner for Macbook

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My MacBook Air is not just a tool for me to get the job done for THE MARKETING ARROWS. It is an investment, more likely a business partner I guess, that’s how important it is to me. That’s why I make sure it is always on its best condition.