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What does Mobiwik offers?

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Have you heard about Mobikwik? Does it ring a bell? If not, allow me to introduce Mobikwik. I bet you are using a mobile phone right? Then if you are using a mobile phone, you are familiar with prepaids! Mobikwik is actually a website that helps people manage their mobile prepaid account. This is the easiest way to recharge mobiles and pay bills! Most convenient to those people living in India. If you love using prepaid, Mobikwik can help you with all your prepaid needs. They can give you the best prepaid offers from your mobile operator. Plus! If you want to organize everything, Mobiwik can help you plan your monthly budget.

Here are some testimonies from clients of Mobikwik:

“Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I can’t say enough about MobiKwik. Thank You! Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it. Very easy to use. This is the most reliable thing of thing I’ve ever used. MobiKwik is exactly what I needed. Thanks for all your help. We were treated like royalty. I am so pleased with this product. I am completely blown away. It makes my life a lot easier. The service is excellent.” — NIKHIL

“Mobikwik is the best company among all recharge companies.It gives me the easiest process by SMS recharge system.It gives me respond against any type of complaint.I like it & say to all my friends to use Mobikwik facilities.I hope it will be helpful to all mobile users who suffers from recharging problems.”  — KRIPASHANKARYADAV

Mobiwik offers online recharge videocon, bigtv online recharge and dth recharge online. Visit their website to know more about their services.


Merchant Services

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What is a merchant? According to WordWeb Pro, merchant is a businessperson engaged in retail trade. I looked for more meaning, and this is what wikipedia gave me, a merchant is a businessperson who trades in commodities that were produced by others, in order to earn a profit. Sounds good. What do you think?

Are you a merchandiser? Or do you like to try this way of living? Whether your answer is the first or the second one, I have a good news for you. Let me tell you useful ideas on how you can maximize your abilities in this industry. Have you heard about First Data Independent Sales (FDIS)? If not, I want you to know that they can help you with a lot of things in this industry. FDIS is an experienced leader in merchant sales since 1995 and also an established leader in the transaction processing industry. FDIS offers flexible services for merchants to take almost all types of electronic payments like: Major credit cards: MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Diners Club®, Discover®Network, JCB®, PIN-secured and signature debit, Electronic benefits transfer (EBT), Gift cards, purchasing cards (levels II and III) and more.

For those who are interested you may check out their page about merchant services, high risk merchant account and costco merchant services.

“This was my first time to set up a credit card processing account and I was a little hesitant. First Data Independent Sales held my hand every step of the way. Not only did they make it easy, I got the most competitive rates available. What a simple process.” K. Dery, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Applications Developer for Hire

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Are you looking for a job? Are you interested in developing mobile applications? If your answer is a YES, see android app developer for hire. To have an idea about the job that you would like to get, here are the services that they offer: Android Utility Application, Android Widget Development, Android Games Development, Applications for Security, Applications for Multimedia Industry, Android m-commerce applications, Porting of existing web or mobile application to Android, Social Networking Application, LBS applications on Android.

Skilled mobile application developers are currently highly sought after by mobile app development companies. If you have the skills and the right attitude, you are perfect for this job.

Blackberry application developers are also in demand because there are a lot of consumers in the market. Blackberry consumers who always wanted to develop their applications.  It’s really a wise choice to be part of their excellent team.

Here are some testimonials from their clients:

“Other companies could not meet our deadlines nor correctly envision the goal of our product like the TechJini team. We would highly recommend TechJini for service, understanding of projects, and quality of software created.”  Project Manager, at clients office

“Initiative in creating solid requirement spec. Very good understanding of our needs and software use.” CEO, at clients office “

“TechJini has coded both browser plug-ins for our website… They have been very smart, the software works as discussed and the prices have been reasonable! They underpassed the deadlines by days and the software was astonishingly low in bugs by the first release (I am a coder myself and expected much less) Well, short story: I can recommend him as very trustworthy and as a skilled coder..” CEO, at clients office

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Train Yourself for a Remarkable Future


Do you like to enhance your abilities? Are you interested in the world of Information Technology and financial management? Are you open for trainings? Have you heard about certification courses? Simplilearn offers a lot of excellent certification courses. Some of these are Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Training Courses or

 capm training, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®) Training Courses or  cisa certification, and also financial management.

For interested aspirants, here are some testimonials from the participants of Simplilearn:

“Very good class, it turned out to be more interesting and applicable than I thought it would be” Armando Alizo, Head of IT, Americas, Standard Chartered Bank

“Good Format, well executed, good examples & exercises in class. Good method of teaching. I would recommend simplilearn training to aspirants.” Arvind Mallikarjuna, Technical Project Manager(Scrum Master), Siemens Healthcare

“Overall, very good training, Simplilearn trainer did a good job focusing on tips for the exam and addressing the harder parts i.e use of formulas in preparation for the examination.” Kevin Lobb, Project Management Professional

“I would rate the quality of Simplilearn’s course material as EXCELLENT. Be it pace of the program, coverage and depth of topics, application of concepts, or use of training aids, everything was satisfactory.” Prakash Sonti, Business Application Development Manager, Talaris Inc.

You may choose any certification course that perfectly fits you. And if you are satisfied with what you experienced with Simplilearn, you can suggest this to your family and close friends. Learning doesn’t stop at school. Learning is a continuous process. Enjoy learning!

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Online Grocery Store

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“Dear Customer Service Team at, First of all I must say that is a blessing to everyone in today’s hectic life. I am from Goa and am on a Short Term Assignment and stay in a Hotel at MG Road. One day I slipped and fell off the steps and had a ligament tear. Through a friend who is in Tesco, I heard about As my family was in Goa, and with no immediate family around it was difficult for me to do shopping. I was confined to a bed, on the advice of the Doctor. Staying in the Hotel, I could obviously get assistance for Tea, Coffee, Snacks and food. But I was totally cut-off from my weekly shopping of fruits and minor groceries.I tried and was extremely happy with the service and system. Well Done! Nicolas de Souza, Work as GM Sales with a Leading Developer”

That is just one of what a customer thinks about what offers. For people who really find online shopping very convenient I suggest you try their products and services. Let me give you ideas about what this online store has.

If you are a vegetarian or a health conscious or anyone who appreciates the importance of vegetables see vegetable prices in mumbai to choose anything you like. If you are looking for baby care products, baby creams, diapers, baby lotions, baby milk cream, pant style diapers and more. And if you love nuts particularly almonds, well, you have a lot of choices! They have roasted and salted almonds, Borges-Almonds salted marconas, Borges split almonds- honeyed marconas, Blue Diamond Almonds Bold – maui onion and garlic and Natures Bite Premium Honey Coated.
Shop online now! No sweat.