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What do you think about cellphones today? I think almost everyone are using mobile phones. According to Mobile Marketing there are 4 billion mobile phones in use around the globe. Let me give you an idea about the percentage of what people do using their mobile phones according to mobile marketing statistics. For video it’s 21 %, dining is 25 %, entertainment is 33 %, news is 36 %, music is 42 %, social networking is 49%, maps/search is 50 %, weather is 55 %, and 61 % for games. What’s your opinion about this?

Today, mobile phones are use not only for sending text messages and calls. Mobile phones are also used for internet. Nowadays, users of social media is increasing . Some users use it for having a communication with people coming from other countries. Instead of sending a personal text message which is costly, they choose to use twitter or facebook to communicate with their love ones.

Mobile phones has applications. Applications for games, photo/video editing, chatting and more. For those people who love applications, particularly people who are using Blackberry. Blackberry apps development offers helpful services. Check it out and enjoy.

Mobile applications development is a big help for people who wants to develop their mobile apps. They have expert and experienced teams who will answer your queries. And for those who have concerns with their ipad, see ipad apps development. Their proficient team will help you develop ipad apps.
For mobile phone and ipad users, be reminded to use your gadgets responsibly. A single message or post can reach thousands of people worldwide. Think many times before you click.



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