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“Dear Customer Service Team at, First of all I must say that is a blessing to everyone in today’s hectic life. I am from Goa and am on a Short Term Assignment and stay in a Hotel at MG Road. One day I slipped and fell off the steps and had a ligament tear. Through a friend who is in Tesco, I heard about As my family was in Goa, and with no immediate family around it was difficult for me to do shopping. I was confined to a bed, on the advice of the Doctor. Staying in the Hotel, I could obviously get assistance for Tea, Coffee, Snacks and food. But I was totally cut-off from my weekly shopping of fruits and minor groceries.I tried and was extremely happy with the service and system. Well Done! Nicolas de Souza, Work as GM Sales with a Leading Developer”

That is just one of what a customer thinks about what offers. For people who really find online shopping very convenient I suggest you try their products and services. Let me give you ideas about what this online store has.

If you are a vegetarian or a health conscious or anyone who appreciates the importance of vegetables see vegetable prices in mumbai to choose anything you like. If you are looking for baby care products, baby creams, diapers, baby lotions, baby milk cream, pant style diapers and more. And if you love nuts particularly almonds, well, you have a lot of choices! They have roasted and salted almonds, Borges-Almonds salted marconas, Borges split almonds- honeyed marconas, Blue Diamond Almonds Bold – maui onion and garlic and Natures Bite Premium Honey Coated.
Shop online now! No sweat.


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