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Are you looking for a job? Are you interested in developing mobile applications? If your answer is a YES, see android app developer for hire. To have an idea about the job that you would like to get, here are the services that they offer: Android Utility Application, Android Widget Development, Android Games Development, Applications for Security, Applications for Multimedia Industry, Android m-commerce applications, Porting of existing web or mobile application to Android, Social Networking Application, LBS applications on Android.

Skilled mobile application developers are currently highly sought after by mobile app development companies. If you have the skills and the right attitude, you are perfect for this job.

Blackberry application developers are also in demand because there are a lot of consumers in the market. Blackberry consumers who always wanted to develop their applications.  It’s really a wise choice to be part of their excellent team.

Here are some testimonials from their clients:

“Other companies could not meet our deadlines nor correctly envision the goal of our product like the TechJini team. We would highly recommend TechJini for service, understanding of projects, and quality of software created.”  Project Manager, at clients office

“Initiative in creating solid requirement spec. Very good understanding of our needs and software use.” CEO, at clients office “

“TechJini has coded both browser plug-ins for our website… They have been very smart, the software works as discussed and the prices have been reasonable! They underpassed the deadlines by days and the software was astonishingly low in bugs by the first release (I am a coder myself and expected much less) Well, short story: I can recommend him as very trustworthy and as a skilled coder..” CEO, at clients office


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