What does TechJini offers?

TechJini Solutions provides services about applications development based in Bangalore, India. TechJini’s philosophy is to take challenging concerns from their clients and they also provide exceptional solutions.

If you are an android user, let me tell you some useful services TechJini has. TechJini offers services about android finance application development, shopping app android and travel android apps. If you have a lot of time you can check out their page and know more about their services.

Here are some thoughts from their beloved clients:

Techjini are a small team of elite developers with expert knowledge in the project they take on (they probably know more than me about FX now!). I think if we’d have gone to a big software development company, it would have taken over twice as long, cost twice as much and the end product would be half as good. If you a require quality software or web-development, however specialized, I would highly recommend them.”  Former Director, at clients Office

“TechJini has coded both browser plug-ins for our website…
They have been very smart, the software works as discussed and the prices have been reasonable!
They underpassed the deadlines by days and the software was astonishingly low in bugs by the first
release (I am a coder myself and expected much less) Well, short story: I can recommend him as very trustworthy and as a skilled coder..” CEO, at clients office

“Initiative in creating solid requirement spec. Very good understanding of our needs and software use.” CEO, at clients office


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