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Do you have concerns with your groceries? Are you a working mom who doesn’t get a chance to go in a supermarket? Are you a bachelor who is so busy with work and has no time to buy groceries in a supermarket? As a young professional, I can’t manage going in a store and buy goods that I need. Actually, I just started purchasing goods online and I find it really convenient! I save a lot of time and energy. I don’t have to bring those heavy bags.

They say:

Hi, i am a new mother as well as a working professional. I used to always order grocery and vegetables from nearby stores. Now i have completely shifted to Big Basket and recommend this website to everyone. –Shweta Dasgupta

First of all, I would like to thank for making my life really easy. I was looking for someone who could shop for groceries for me as it’s really very tough to shop during weekends as it is the only spare time I can afford. – Ashish

Dear Customer Service Team at, First of all I must say that is a blessing to everyone in today’s hectic life. I am from Goa and am on a Short Term Assignment and stay in a Hotel at MG Road. –Nicolas de Souza is the largest online food and grocery store in India. To give you some idea offers a lot food like bambino vermicelli, britannia cheesefruits, vegetables and more. Online supermarket is really a big help for consumers who cannot go shopping in a man to man store. Online shopping will help you save time and energy. Try it now!


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