Sunday Preaching_Your Heart is the Soil

Let me talk about one of the ingredients to experience remarkable exceptional harvest. Let’s talk about the quality of the soil. Here are three common sense principles about the harvest: First, the quality of the soil affects the growth of the seed. Second, the quality of the soil determines the outcome of the harvest. Third, the quality of the soil determines the quality of the fruit. The soil has something to do with the quality of the fruit.

If your life is the seed then your heart is the soil. The harvest is determined by the quality of our hearts. Above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything that you do. Your life is a seed but the wellspring of that life is your heart. When the heart is right, it is easy to understand the word of God. Do you want to know the secret of fruitfulness? Understand the Word of God. If our heart is right it is easy for God to move in our lives. God is looking for a heart that is right.

We will talk about four kinds of heart. First, tough heart which is an unproductive soil. Callous heart is an unproductive soil because it hears the Word but refuse to listen. In the principle of sowing, you do not plant on unproductive soil.

Second is the shallow heart. Every problem has an expiration date. The Christian life is not a short distance run it’s a long distance run. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. In fact, you may never know that your biggest problem can be your biggest harvest. Don’t allow problems, challenges and persecutions destroy the seeds that God has planted in you. Don’t let those seeds die. A shallow hearted person is easily discouraged and a discouraged person is a useless person. Don’t let yourself be easily discouraged.

Third is a worrying heart. If you worry a lot, don’t expect many harvests. Why? Because a worrying heart easily gets depressed. It magnifies the problem, causes fear, and paralyzes you. Worrying is so damaging that it can stifle the blessing of God in your life. Worrying also chokes the seed and the only antidote to that is to have a trusting heart. Trust that God is in control.

Fourth kind of heart is a good heart. A good, healthy heart is a teachable heart, a generous heart, and an obedient heart.

Your life is a seed and your heart is the soil. You have to search your heart because it is the soil where your seeds can multiply and produce a bountiful, remarkable exceptional harvest.

(Transcribed from the preaching of Pastor Anthony Martinez)


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