Brevity of Life

Life expires. That’s a fact that most people never thinks of. Now I realized why we have funeral ceremonies. I think the purpose of that is to be aware and be reminded that human life is short. We don’t even know when our time will be. Like, who’s next? Let me quote one character in the bible named Solomon, this is what he said about death “ .. sadness has a refining influence on us”.  Every time a loved one dies, we fell so much pain, grieving all day, and sadness becomes so strong. When sadness becomes so strong, we tend to realize important things in life, it’s like telling ourselves, “Hey don’t just hear when people say life is short, you have to understand that truth. Life is short, so start doing things that matters most. ” No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Every time I remember that one day we will face our death, I start checking my life. And start asking questions like, “Am I living a meaningful life?” “Am I living a self-centered life”

See Matthew 24

“It’s in the face of death that we make serious and true evaluation of the way our lives have been lived and how differently we want to spend our hours today. It’s the wise who learn from the brevity of life – in the light of the reality and inevitability of death.” – K.T. Sim

So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 Amplified Bible


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