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Velvet Ganache Boulangerie and Patisserie

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My brother will go for a 42k run the next day so he’s on for a “carbo loading”. As her obedient little sis, it’s my duty to go with him (which I love because this means …   free dinner! haha)

Note: Apologies  for the amateur photos. My photographer is currently in USA so it’s a one-man-team for a short while. Bear with me please, I’d rather use my photos than use others. Showcasing inner talents as they say.

So here goes my review…


They have my favorite room theme! Shabby Chic details!  Also felt I was in Santorini because of the  white walls and artificial white flowers hanged on top of the windows.

Photo by Velvet Ganache
Photo by Velvet Ganache


  • Jackie Chan Pasta at P199.00

I’m not a fan of pasta’s until I tried this one! Tasty and I love the idea of putting shiitake mushrooms.


  • Smoked Salmon Cheese Quesadilla at P199.00



Not your ordinary thin crust quesadilla. They serve 5 variations of Quesadilla, so we picked the smoked salmon that compliments with the cheese and perfect for a quick dip to their salsa.


  • Red Velvet with Chocolate Ganache Torte at P99.00



We tried their sophisticated Red Velvet Cake. The first bite amazed my sweeth tooth, perfect after  a tasty meal. After 2 or more bites it turns out to be too sweet because the layers of the bread and cream are the equal. Cakes I admire are those that are not too sweet , just the right combination of bread and cream (self- confessed cake addict here and a frustrated patisserie). So if they will just  reduce the cream on their red velvet cake, more cake lovers will go back for more!

  • Strawberry Marble Cream Pave at P99.00



They forgot the salsa and mayo on our Smoked Salmon Quesadilla. A bit disappointed because I personally love their salsa ! Too bad I wasn’t able to check it first before we leave. So yes, please do check your take out bags just to make sure your salsa or anything alike are present on your take-out bag .

Customer Service

4/5 Stars

The crew noticed my water is empty so without asking he refilled it. They also noticed our table ran out of tissue so they gave us another batch too. Small things affect the customers big time. Tissue and water are essentials for a best dining experience !


Click each photo below for larger view


Address:  Greenfields Square, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga


Instagram: @velvetganache

Have you tried dining at Velvet Ganache? Do you agree or disagree with my reviews above? Happy to know your thoughts on the comments below.

To Velvet Ganache, if you wish to see more reviews of your sumptuous masterpiece here on my website, please send me an email at so I can get in touch with you.


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