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Eternal Love

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One early morning, I made Jesus cry. I sinned. I did something that is not pleasing in His eyes. Good news is, He is willing to forgive us. Hundredfolds! Plus! The day after that, I saw new clothes in our kitchen. Weird. New clothes in the kitchen. Alright. Then I asked my mama if those clothes are for me! And she said yes! Whoa! I did a bad thing and God blessed me with new clothes! Not just one! not just two! Whoa! Grace. Simply Grace.

When I accepted Christ as my Lord, I learned what Grace really means. Grace is a blessing, undeserved blessing that God is pouring unto our lives. See how blessed we are having a Generous God! He gives us things that we do not deserve! Because we are sinners. We are all sinners. But God doesn’t look us that way. He sees us as a beautiful creation. A lovely man/woman. Everyday, I’m just so joyful, my heart is dancing every time I realize how God is treating us. I mean, how He loves us.

Going back to my story. I saw a necklace beside those new clothes. I asked mama who is it for. She told me its a birthday gift for my cousin. I told her that it’s not a good gift for a debutant. I’m thinking of a special gift. Then, she told me that if I like it I can have it. I said NO. I don’t like it. I already have a lot of necklace. Then, mama insisted. She said its unique! Then I gave her a chance, I looked closely and I was surprised. I just realize that the text in that necklace means really deep. It says, “Eternal Love”. Whoa! When I was in my secret place, I realize how God loves us. He loves us with an eternal love. That He will continue loving us even if we don’t love Him. That He is patient enough to wait for our love. Whoa! That necklace is not an ordinary necklace. God spoke to me using that necklace. Amazing. How creative.

God speaks to us.

Listen and open your heart.




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