Grace, Stay.

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One lovely peaceful sunny day, Grace is in her room, kneeled down, seeking God’s face desperately.  For some reasons, she stood up, opened her door, went out and checked her phone. Her mom sent her a message asking if Grace wants to go with her Auntie Cris together with her cousin to watch a movie. Grace loves movies! She wanted to go! But she doesn’t want to rush her devotion time. She sent her Auntie Cris a message saying that she will go. She went back on her room, opened her bible in Matthew 2. “Stay” that one word was so powerful. God spoke! God didn’t want grace to go in the movie house! God doesn’t want Grace to rush and sacrifice her devotion time! Let’s see if Grace obeyed or disobeyed God.

Grace told God, “God, you know I love going in a movie house! God, the class will start 2 days from now. I love to watch a movie and forget all our final requirements before graduation day! God please let me come”. God kept quiet. Grace got the same answer. God wants her to stay. With a disappointed heart, Grace stood up, went out her room, checked her phone and read her mama’s message saying “Grace, don’t come, just stay there and rest”. Grace honored what her mama said. Grace knew that God wanted her to stay. God used her mama to confirm what He wants Grace to do. Finally, Grace obeyed.

Another  message from her mama telling her they will go to salon for a manicure and pedicure! Her mom’s treat! Whoa! Cool for Grace! She loves going to salon more than actually watching a film in a movie house! This is the reward Grace got from obeying God’s command. Instant bonding time with her mama and an instant make-over for her fingers!

See Matt. 2:13, Ephesians 6:1-3, Jeremiah 29:11


If God says, stay, you stay. You must trust God with your all. Though sometimes, you think that what is in front of you now is the best, well you are wrong! God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts! His plans are better that our plans! Grace thought that watching a movie is fun, but God made her realize that being with her mama in a salon is a lot fun! No rush. Just chilling. Relaxing intimately with God. That is how much God loves us. Be sensitive in His voice. God may speak through the Bible, even through your parents, brothers/sisters, through posters, animals, gadgets, television, and even through nature and dreams.



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