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Sunny, Sandy, Windy Sandbox | Alviera Pampanga, Philippines

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It is usual in a Filipino Family migrating to other countries for a better future.

In our family, on the father side, most of my relatives are now living in USA and Australia. They do visit us here in the Philippines from time to time. So when they do, we sit down and plan our next adventure!

This time, my gorgeous cousin, Hazel from Australia will be spending time with us for like 2 days. First on our list is Sandbox.

What’s interesting about Sandbox?


SandBox at Alviera is a unique getaway for families that redefines outdoor adventure and fun. It features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. Everyone in the family has something to do here from playground for the toddlers to Mini Golf for the grandparents! With a mountain range along the horizon and the surrounding wide plains, SandBox is definitely the place for family outdoor fun! Read More

What to bring

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Wet tissue
  • Handy Camera
  • USB (trust me, you need this)
  • Bag

What to wear

  • Comfy Top
  • Leggings (F) Short (M)
  • Rubber shoes
  • Sunnies
  • Cap
Manio Cousins


We live in Angeles City Pampanga, 2 hours away from Manila. From Angeles City, we hit the road at around 9:00am. It took us 30 minutes (no traffic) drive to Sandbox. Honestly, we have no idea how to get there,so asking our beloved townspeople is definitely a big help.


Sandbox Alviera

Parking is Free.

At the Entrance, you can start selecting your extreme challenge from their list of attractions and packages. It is up to you if you are fearless and extreme at heart to try all the attractions, choose 1 package to save costs. But if you have a huge fear of heights and a cry baby like your blogger right now, I recommend you choose 2-3 attractions. (See the full list of attractions below)  I actually chose the custom picks, I tried the Aerial walk (for me this is the most extreme one! You will definitely reach your limits!) , Rappeling (I thought it was easy but I was wrong) and Wall climbing (I thought it was easy because I already tried it before but again I was wrong).

Sign the waiver to proceed. Keep your tickets because those are required on each attraction.


My tip: Each challenge requires your full strength! After each challenge, you will surely lose a lot of your energy. It is recommended to take 15-25 minutes break after each challenge for you to be ready on your next.

At the Aerial Walk they do not allow cellphones. Staff are taking photos of you so you can check them later and if you like to get a copy of your photos they give it for 250.00 (approximately $5USD) They have a photo booth on each attraction sites so it’s up to you if you want a printed copy of your extremely wacky photo.

Aerial Walk Sandbox Pampanga

It is imperative that you listen carefully to the staff because they will tell you how to use the self-service safety gear. The staff won’t be by your side, it is all up to you once you started. You need to ensure that you lock the harness before you proceed on each rope stage.

Aerial Walk

Giant Swing

Just scream as loud as you can!

Roller Coaster Zipline

Adventure Tower

Rappelling and Wall Climbing

Don’t look down!


Other Fun Stuff

Excellent Customer Service

Sanbox Staff
Sanbox Porac


Giant Swing100
Aerial Walk200
Adventure Tower
Free Fall100
Rappel Wall70
Wall Climbing70
Roller Coaster Zipline150
Outdoor Archery (30 mins)2,500
ATV Rental (1 hour)3,000
Entrance Fee80

They also offer packages from PHP400 – PHP 650 (around $8 – $14 USD), see full list of package here

For more information, contact Sandbox below:

Email Address:

Mobile: 0917-803-3099

Landline: (045) 432-0014 Monday – Friday 8am-12nn, 1pm-5pm



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