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4-Steps to Terminate your PLDT Line (BONUS: MONEY SAVING TIPS!)

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Everyone has their own reasons why they want to terminate their PLDT line. Charges may apply if you didn’t finish your 2-year contract.

If you have completed your 2 –year contract (like in my case), remember that you can terminate your account anytime without paying additional charges. If you have pending bills, you have to settle your account first before PLDT can process the termination.

On this service review blog, I will share the 4- STEPS when terminating your account. PLUS tips on how to avail the most affordable, reliable and the fastest PLDT line available in your area.

Account Termination after Completing Your 2-Year Contract

Step 1: Call PLDT’s hotline 171

Customer service will give you an idea of your pending bills so you can settle your account and proceed with your termination.

Step 2: Prepare a Letter of Termination

The letter must include the following details:

  1. date
  2. account subscriber name,
  3.  account number,
  4. landline number, and
  5.  reason for termination.

Step 3: Go to PLDT office with cash

  1. Search for the nearest PLDT office in your area. The customer service/cashier will give you a computation of your pending bills to settle your account. Make sure you are bringing enough cash so you won’t need to come back in PLDT office.
  2. Don’t forget to bring 1 valid ID.

If you cannot go to the PLDT branch yourself, you can send a representative instead. Your representative should bring the following requirements:

  1.  letter of request,
  2.  your valid I.D.
  3. plus an authorization letter and
  4. your representative’s valid I.D.

Step 4: Wait for 2-3 weeks

Customer Service will give you a call to confirm the termination. They will ask you a few questions if you are sure about the termination.

Expect the Termination to happen  1-3 days after you received the call from PLDT.

If there are more tips or news you want to add for this topic, feel free to share your thoughts on the comments below.

I won’t keep you waiting for the BONUS SMART-MONEY TIP before subscribing to any 2-year internet contract, so read on.

BONUS: What is the most affordable, reliable and the fastest PLDT internet subscription in your area?

After I terminated my PLDT line, I spent time searching for other internet providers. Unfortunately, I was shocked how the price went up after 2 years! I’ve been comparing SUN, SMART, GLOBE and PLDT internet products and I could boldly say that PLDT is the most reliable. Please don’t get me wrong I am talking about a specific product here because some PLDT products, like their DSL get a lot of bad customer feedbacks.

Let me reveal this reliable product I’ve been bragging – PLDT’s Fibr product, costs PHP 1,299 per month, unlimited internet with landline (free PLDT NDD calls nationwide). This is the exact product I’ve been using for more than 2 years and never had I encountered any issues. Fast speed internet and can connect up to 6 gadgets.

This is the most affordable product PLDT has to offer! I purchased this product more than 2 years ago – the reason I decided to terminate is because I’m not using it too often. I don’t want my money being wasted on things I don’t use.

PLDT Fibr Plan 1299 is not advertised on their website so I called their customer service hotline, they confirmed that this product is still available. These are the only FIBR plans on their website quite costly hey.

3- quick steps below to avail this smart-money offer!

1. Check the availability

First thing you need to do to avail this product is to check if PLDT Fibr is available in your area. Go to this link to check

2. Prepare the requirements

You will need the requirements below to process your application.

  1. Application Form
  2. 2 Valid ID
  3. Proof of Billing

3. Go to the nearest PLDT office with your requirements

  1. Give your requirements to the customer service and tell them you are applying for PLDT Fibr Plan 1299
  2. They will give you time and date when the technical team can install PLDT Fibr in your house.

Bear in mind that PLDT Fibr Plan 1299 has a 2-year locked in contract.

Hope I was able to help you with your internet frustrations as I was in the same shoes 2 years ago.

How about you, how’s your experience with other internet service providers?

Share your experience on the comments below. Together, let’s live smart.

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  • How about cable maam we finished 2yr contract but the pldt said the contract is 3yrs.last time they said it was 2yrs only now another yr they said what should we do we do not have money to pay both net and cable

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    • Same experience here. I went to pldt office to submit my letter of termination, waited the whole day, just for them to tell me that my contract is 3 years and not 2 years. I ask for any contract saying that my contract is 3 years but the girl told me that its already 2 years so they don’t have copy anymore, but it is said in their system that my contract is 3 years. If I want to terminate my account, I have to pay for pre termination fee which is P3,875.
      I don’t find it fair because, I called the customer service (twice) last April 2018 and they told me that my contract will end this coming July. So i just decided to wait until July because they told me that i will have to pay for the remaining months for them to cut the line. So its just the same, better to just continue the payment with connection and wait until July, rather than to pay for remaining months with no line anymore.
      I don’t know what to do, I don’t need their service anymore.


  • Good day, nag apply ako ng pldt internet kinabit sa akin ultera ang sabi ng nagkabit 4months lang daw yan pansamantala after 4 months papalitan na yan ng pumayag ako pero hindi natupad un ang pangako ng pldt 10days lang ubos na ang mb sayang ang 1,400 monthly tumawag ako sa 171 pero walang malinaw na sagot para ipaputol nlang pero wlang sumasagot na operator sa linya pumunta kami ng opis wla ding malinaw hindi na namin ginagamit ang internet pero ayon pumapasok pa rin ang bills monthly mula nung may2018 inooff ko na ang modem pero ang bayarin dios ko po ano ba yan pldt wla nmang internet pero magbabayad kami, nag email na kami wla pa rin kayong reply harapang panloloko na kayo e,


  • PLDT had me on 3 year lockdown, with a 3 month deposit that I wont be getting back. On top of that there’s a cancellation fee. Worst service ever. I tried to get my wifi transferred, I couldn’t do it online or through the phone, I had to show up in person and line up for 2 hours only for them to tell me it will take 15 days. 18 days passed and I cannot contact anyone for help or information. Their hotlines are dead ends. Their social media does not respond. There is no way to email or call them. Connections are unstable. Most unhelpful, inconsiderate, bullshit company. I can’t even contact them to cancel, I probably have to go in person again and line up for another 2 hours. Do not subscribe to them.


  • is the renewal of the contract in PLDT can be done through call? what if the subscriber died already the time they made the call and still the contract renewed up to 2021?


  • December 6, 2018 i paid installation and modem fee, i got my official receipt to it, so sadden until now we still didnt see any PLDT Technical men come into our house.


  • December 6, 2018 i paid installation and modem fee, i got my official receipt to it, so sadden until now we still didnt see any PLDT Technical men come into our house.


    • So bored waiting to it.. PLDT pls improved your services. So much active to get our payments but your turtle like to give your services.


  • Hi. I am currently subscribed to PLDT Home DSL plan 1,299 din and yung contract for 2 years sa october pa matatapos, if i want to avail the PLDT Fibr Plan 1,299 before the end of my subscription sa home dsl pwede ba yun? Upgrade ba kung iaapply ko yung ganun? Sobrang disappointed ako dito sa plan na meron ako now, hindi na naeenjoy which is I pay 1,408 monthly para dun sa modem eh dalawa lang kami ng partner ko ang gumgamit pero parang nkadata lang kami kasi wala nakikita sa FB na pictures or super lag yung mga videos and pag games. Hope you can help me with this problem. I am planning to avail the PLDT Fibr Plan 1,299. Thank you for sharing this blog.



  • I have questions regarding anyone have experience regarding in PLDT internet connection .we finish contract 2yrs but again we renew the contract with out signing my concern is if we want to disconnect the PLDT do we have to pay more for the remaining months that we don’t use .please give advice. thanks


  • What if kung gusto mo nang ipa-disconnect yung plan mo pero wala kapang 2 years? Possibke kaya yun and how? Sobrang hina kasi ng connection minsan hindi pa makaconnect sa internet kaya nagdadata nalang kami. Thanks in advance sa magreresponde.


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