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Whoosh! – Screen cleaner for Macbook

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My MacBook Air is not just a tool for me to get the job done for THE MARKETING ARROWS. It is an investment, more likely a business partner I guess, that’s how important it is to me. That’s why I make sure it is always on its best condition.

So I used this usual lens cleaner and maaaaan! My screen didn’t look good! So here I am, searching for the right screen cleaner for my MacBook. My instinct was to check the Mac – Apple store first and yes they have what I was looking for!

Its called Whoosh! and it costs PHP790, that’s approximately $15 USD.

Watch my complete review on the video below.

And here’s the package, it includes:

  • Cloth and
  • Spray


Hope this helps!

What do you use to clean your MacBook screen? Share it on the comments below.