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Product Purchased! What’s next?

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On our previous blogs, we talked about how to ATTRACT clients, which is an important part of your marketing funnel. And following the attract phase, we also discussed the CONVERT phase that aims to convert your lead into a paying customer. But that’s not the end of it. You still need to nurture your converted lead to create a long lasting relationship. Read more to know how to do that in this blog.

You’ve successfully converted your lead and now you have a new customer. Congratulations!

So what’s next?

You may think that your work is done. But it is not. It is actually just the beginning.

After the convert phase, the next thing to focus on is the Fulfill phase.

In the fulfill phase, this is where you actually deliver your product/service. It can be via email, mail, or in person.

Succeeding in the fulfill phase is very important because it is the very reason why your business exists. This is also an opportunity for you to create a good lasting customer relationship.

Having a good lasting relationship with your customer does not only keep them coming back for your product/service, but they are also inspired to say something good about your product and may refer your services to other businesses. Who doesn’t love that? That is why it is critical to be successful in the fulfill phase.

On the other hand, if you fail on giving your customer a good experience during the fulfill phase, you are likely to lose them forever. According to the customer loyalty analysis created by Access Development 2016, 68% of customers who have negative initial experience with a product/service lose interest and don’t return to the business.

So what do you need to do to make sure you get everything right on the fulfill phase?

Here are some strategies to ensure you create a good long lasting relationship with your new customer.

1. Onboard your customer to your product

Don’t just send or deliver your product to your customer. Reach out and onboard them to your product to ensure that they know how to use it. On the onboarding process, make them realize the value that they can get from your product. Once they see the value in your product and how it provides solution and benefit to their lives, they are more likely to think of having a long relationship with you. Which means, using your product/service over and over again. Sweet!

Here are some strategies to onboard your new customer:

Create targeted follow-up emails

Send targeted follow-up emails to your new customer that adds value to the product they purchased. For example, your customer subscribed to your health and wellness program. You may send targeted emails in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, or guides that are related to that program. We use this powerful automation tool to do this work for us while we sleep! And if you need a hand to do this for you, just let us know and we can discuss further.

Create product tutorials

Product tutorials can give clarity on how to use your product. You just need to direct your new customer to a dedicated product tutorial site via a series of follow up instructional emails.

You may create product tutorials using videos hosted in Vimeo, YouTube, WordPress site, among others.

Once you have the material, send your customer a welcome email thanking them for subscribing to your product plus a link to your product tutorial. Then, once they started the tutorial, send another email asking them how they are doing and how they find the tutorial. It’s about having an active engagement with your customers.

Create a training site

If you have a complicated product, create a dedicated membership site for it. In this membership site, host a series of lessons and courses that will help your new customer to maximize the use of your product. To get started, create a login credential for your customer and include it in your welcome email for them. You can create this using the WordPress site. Here are some examples of membership sites that will inspire you.

You can also setup an automated campaign funnel to guide your customers navigating your membership site.

Facilitate a one-on-one call

If you are offering a professional service, a one-on-one call is an ideal onboarding strategy for you. This is a great way to establish a connection and relationship with your customer. It is also an opportunity to personalize your service with them.

2. Ask for feedback

Customer feedback will give you an idea if they are satisfied with your product/service. Their feedback will help you in improving your product. It will help you address your product’s weak points (if there are any). It will also help you to adjust your marketing strategy as customer feedbacks tend to result to upsell/cross-sell of products and special requests or customization.

Onboarding and customer feedback are two important elements that you need to master in order to create a good customer experience that results in a long-lasting relationship with your new customer.

If you need help with the fulfill phase, feel free to get in touch with us so we can build a campaign funnel that works for your business!



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