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Make Customers Your Brand Advocates With These Strategies

Last time we discussed what you should do after a customer purchases your product. Now we move on to the next step in the customer lifecycle: Making them your brand ambassadors and bringing in more sales.

After on-boarding your customers and making them experience your product and services on the Fulfill stage, it is now time to keep them for a long haul. Any business owner loves to have a long lasting relationship with their customers. And this is possible with the Delight phase.

Here’s what happens in the Delight phase:

  • Creating a great customer experience
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Expanding buying opportunities with your current customer by introducing new products and services to them
  • Creating a long lasting relationship with your customers
  • Customers referring more customers to you

And here are some effective strategies to achieve all of those:

Offer an upsell

Upsell’s are new or upgraded versions of the products, events, services or programs you are already offering.

An upsell offer can be a bundle deal that includes the initial product or service. It can also be an offer that is above or in the next level of the initial item your customer has chosen.

For example, if a health and wellness company decides to avail a digital marketing plan from a marketing agency that includes Basic website design and development. The marketing agency can offer an upgraded version.  

This situation is a win-win on both the health and wellness company who is looking for a strategy to start marketing online, and to the marketing company who is selling their services.

An upsell is a good strategy to help your customer get more from their original purchase while you get more sales opportunity.

Offer a cross-sell

Unlike upsell offers, a cross-sell is offering a separate product or service that will supplement the initial purchase.

For example, a customer has bought a cellphone from your store. You might also want to offer your customer other cellphone accessories like a headset, case, monopod, among others so they can further enjoy their purchase.

Cross sell is a good strategy to help your customer enjoy their purchase and an opportunity for you to introduce your other products.

These are effective strategies in the Delight phase that you should always incorporate in your marketing plan to ensure that you create a good customer experience, long term relationship, referrals, and more sales opportunity for your business.

The upsell and cross-sell strategy can be offered during check out, which is during the Delight phase. Which means this strategy can only be applied in the later part of the customer lifecycle.

For this to be successful, you need a higher level of commitment and patience since you have to undergo the Attract, Convert, and Fulfill phase in order for this to be executed. You also need to understand the need of your customer in order for you to offer the right upsell and cross-sell deal to them.

If you need help with the Delight phase or assistance to get started in the whole customer lifecycle process, feel free to get in touch with us.

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